Times are tense, but people are starting to step back into team sports while the battle against COVID-19 rages on, including ice hockey teams. If you're wondering what that might look like, take a look at the structure and rules that we've got to follow here for leagues in West Michigan until further notice. (It's going to be weird)

Arena rules:

  1. Face masks are required to enter and must be worn at all times. You can take the mask off to skate if it interferes with your ability to perform the activity. Again, you do not have to wear it while on the ice surface.
  2. We will have hand sanitizer stations located near the doors, restrooms and both rink entrances.
  3. We had our entire building treated with MicrobeCare antimicrobial solution to reduce the spread of infection. 
  4. We will have signage showing the mask requirements, bathroom limitations, and also showing that if you have symptoms to not enter the building. Please follow all guidelines in order to allow us to make this happen and offer private rentals to you all.
  5. We cannot run ‘public’ events. This means we cannot offer public skating, drop-in hockey, drop-in freestyle figure skating, stick & puck.
  6. No spectators will be allowed inside.
  7. If your ice time is at 6pm for example, you will be allowed inside 30 minutes prior or 530pm. Our doors are not going to be unlocked and open. We will open up for each group at the designated time.  We cannot leave them open. So if you are on at 6, you need to be here at 530 to come in and then we lock the doors again. After your ice time you have 15 minutes to exit the building. This is what other rinks are doing and it is what is needed to allow these rentals to happen.  
  8. Locker room use will be allowed for teams but they must practice social distancing. Showers are not to be used at this time. There is a time limit of 15 minutes to exit the building after your ice time so people will need to make this a quick change. For non-team activities those renting the ice can use the designated areas in the lobby which are marked. A good practice is to arrive as close to fully dressed as possible.
  9. Player benches have 6ft social distancing markers on them and behind by glass. I’ll need you to follow max roster sizes during this time. We can talk directly if you have questions on this. Lobby benches also have distance markers on them. The picnic tables will be off-limits at this time.
  10. No alcohol can be brought in during adult rentals at this time. When you leave the building, if you are socially distanced out by your car that’s up to you what happens.
  11. No spitting, anywhere. Many players have come up thinking it is acceptable to spit on the player bench floor. That has not ever been acceptable. We have to clean that every day. If anything we would always ask people to spit out over the bench and onto the ice surface. It gets cut every 50 minutes. We don’t have to clean that. However, at this time it will not be allowed anywhere.  It could contribute to spreading germs. Again, we need to do these things to allow these rentals to happen.
  12. We have installed door stops on all of our locker room doors. They will remain open, with doorstops down while in use. The public bathrooms also have these now. This will eliminate many ‘high touch points’.
  13. Bathrooms will have signage limiting the number of people inside as well as stalls/urinals being distanced or blocked off. Please always be respectful of our facility and help keep our place clean. No spitting on floors or into urinals. ALWAYS wash hands. 
  14. All rentals will require payment online or if other arrangements need to be made contact me directly.
  15. We are not open to the public. We ask that you please keep any communication on this within your direct groups and not broadcast on social media.