Warranty Information

We want your product experience to be top-notch and for you to use our sticks for years to come. While we put every effort into minimizing defects, we realize that manufacturing errors can still happen and we want to take care of those.

Before we bore you to death with our warranty disclosure, please keep in mind that our warranty terms differ from the common retail brands on the market because we don't charge you up front for a certain percentage of planned user breakage. Unlike those brands, however, we offer a full 90 days of tiered warranty coverage. The basic warranty terms are as follows:*

- Within 14 days of delivery: You are eligible for a one-time replacement at no charge
- Within 30 days of delivery: Replacement at 50% off regular price
- Within 60 days of delivery: Replacement at 25% off regular price
- Within 90 days of delivery: Replacement at 10% off regular price

This warranty only applies to products that break due to manufacturing defect and is limited to a one-time replacement/discount of the original purchased item only. Chips, dents, and scratches to the stick from usage are unavoidable and are not covered by warranty. If Twig Hockey Company determines that the breakage was due to accident, heat, flame, abuse, negligence, or abnormal use, the stick will not be covered by this warranty.

All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the customer.

This warranty does not apply to any professional, NHL, AHL, USHL, ECHL, CHL, university, college, or juniors hockey players. Come on, you really expect us to warranty product for this level of player?

If you have a broken stick, please email us at service@twighockeycompany.com with:

  1. Your contact information including email address on the original order and your phone number
  2. A clear picture of the breakage on the stick while making sure the stick is identifiable in the photo
  3. A photo of the serial number off the back of the shaft

Do not send the broken stick back to Twig Hockey Company. Your submission will be reviewed and a representative will contact you about replacement and discounted replacement amount if necessary.

*Sticks sold as clearance or cosmetic blemish, as well as those purchased with Refer & Earn discount codes are not eligible for full no-cost replacement. Instead, the 30-90 day discount percentages will be valid against any other available stick model. All other products sold as clearance are sold as-is and have no express or implied warranty coverage.