A while back I was complaining about my hockey gloves in the locker room prior to a game. In three seasons of beer-league hockey I was now on my 3rd pair of gloves. At $70 plus for a mediocre new pair, it was proving to be very frustrating. No matter what I did, my palms wore out. It’s not even like I play that often anymore. I’m down to two nights a week these days so they definitely shouldn’t wear out as fast as they did when I was a kid.

That’s when another guy on my team spoke up. He had just moved into town from northern Wisconsin and no one really new him that well other than he had a killer slap shot. “Let me see your palms,” he said. He looked at them and immediately noticed what I was talking about, except he pointed out one thing. “Your right is your top hand isn’t it?” What he was noticing was that the right hand was significantly more worn than my left. In fact, the left hand was barely worn at all but you could see about half of my actual palm through the gaping voids in my right hand.

His simple answer, wrap your tape at the top of your stick in clear shin guard tape. “What?!” My mind was blown. “Yeah, we used to do it all time growing up. Regular stick tape tears the crap out of your gloves. The clear stuff will make your gloves last a lot longer.” I was pretty skeptical, especially since I wanted to maintain grip and hate having a huge tape knob at the end of my Twig. So, here I am now four years later after adopting his advice and I’ve only had to replace that torn pair that I spoke of earlier. In fact, the palms on my mitts are going into their 3rd season now and still look pretty new.

So, here is a shot of my new Twig deux getting the top coat applied. As you can see, I create a finger grip because I love the feel, and simply top coat that tape with the clear stuff. It’s wonderful and will save your mitts and, thus, your paycheck.

Example clear tape top coat

Just another hockey snippet from Twig Hockey Company designed to save you a few bucks and make playing a bit more affordable. Happy hockeying.