You've loved our Rogue line of hockey sticks for quite some time now. Well, it's time to meet our latest elite level, top-of-the-line stick here at Twig Hockey Company. Today, we give you the Rogue A. Let's jump into the details and see what makes this stick special.

Starting with the shaft, Rogue A uses the latest in advance carbon laying technology to maximize strength, durability, and performance. It's designed to deliver increased force while maintaining top-level accuracy. Rogue A's newly engineered mid-kick construction has it weighting in at just 385 grams in an 85 flex build; similar weight to CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro and Bauer Vapor Flylite sticks. It's a true one-piece stick with a traditional square shaft shape with slightly concave sidewalls, just like the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic upper-shaft shape. As with all of our player sticks, the shaft features a matte-grip finish; just enough grip to give you a firm hold, but not that movement restricting heavy grip coating. We also added feel enhancing corner tactile rib texture to the shaft this season, to help it become one with your mitts.

Moving down the the stick, you'll move through our proven stiff power-taper zone that players prefer, and into the re-engineered goemetries of it's stiff blade with a lightweight core and dampening technology. We also added a sandpaper texture finish to maximize friction between the puck and the stick to increase spin on your shots. Rogue A is available in 65 flex intermediate and 75, 85, and 100 flex senior size builds.

Tall guys, we added full 18k composite butt-end shaft extensions this season as well.

Rogue A is designed to put fear in the hearts of goalies everywhere. If you haven't yet, get yours today!

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