For the 2019-2020 season, we're proud to introduce our new Accomplice goal stick.

Accomplice follows where the best goalies have been trending toward in recent years, as well our specialty; lightweight composite construction with elite performance. If you've been hanging on to your old foam core goal sticks from CCM, Bauer, Warrior, Brian's, Passau or some other manufacturer, now is the time to switch.

We build Accomplice with the the highest grades of performance carbon available. You'll get the same top-end feel and control from the blade that the best player sticks are constructed with. Pair that with it's extra reinforced paddle and shaft to increase overall stick durability and deaden pick hits, and you're getting optimal puck control for your game.

Of course, we added grip in all the right places and paired it with a stellar black and white color scheme that goes with just about everyone's pads for a high-end look. The stick will be available in a true NHL standard 26" paddle with a real measurement of 26" and a regular left hand GP (Mid) curve only.

Take a look at the factory photos below to wet your appetite.

Twig Accomplice Blade
Twig Accomplice factory production

Accomplice will be available mid-August. Be on the lookout.