Most players out there can tell you they prefer one hockey stick over another, but they aren’t exactly sure what the reason is for their choice. One of the biggest factors in that decision is hockey stick shaft shape. Within obvious needed standards of performance required, the different shaft shapes on the market offer little to no measurable advantage in one over the other. Which shape to best is entirely based on the player’s preference.

The Most Common Shaft Shapes

Square hockey stick shaft


The classic hockey stick shaft geometry. Rectangular with softly rounded corners.

       Round Hockey Stick Shaft


Dramatic radius on each corner produces a much more rounded feel to the shaft. It has almost an oval feel to it.

Hybrid shaft shap


A shaft geometry that lands right in the middle of the square and round shapes. Still gives a rectangular feel, but has much more rounded radius corners than square, but not as dramatic as the round shape.

Other Shapes

The three above are the most common shaft shapes, but there are other designs out there. Some sticks now have a combination of styles as you move down the shaft. It starts as one shape near the top, but somewhere toward the bottom it switches to another shape.

STX has a more dramatic shaft shape to one of their stick lines as you can see below. It has a lacrosse shaft feel across the bottom of the shaft, with a conventional feel across the top.

STX shaft shape

Sidewall shape can also be a heavy factor when deciding on a stick style. Most sticks on the market vary between straight sidewalls, as shown in the first image above, concave sidewalls as shown below, or some combination of one side being one shape and the other being different; perhaps even convex.

Concave sidewall

Now the question we all want to discuss, what shaft shape do you use?  Comment below