How are your sticks so cheap? Are they any good? Why would you sell elite level hockey sticks for that price?

These are all questions we get asked on a regular basis. We're not trying to hide anything. We're simply here working to make more accessible to everyone. Below, we're showing you our business model on how we do it.

Access to Performance

We want everyone to have access to play hockey with the best performing hockey gear available. We love 'em to death, but it was obvious early on that this couldn't be done in a traditional pro-shop retail model.


Twigs on a table

Hockey Sticks

Marketing and Retailers Strangle Access

Retail sales are driven by successful marketing campaigns and lower prices. The best players in the world only want to use the best products. The result is that traditional manufacturers must pay huge sums of money to the best players in the world to get them to use their products in the public eye. This drives up the price of the best products dramatically and forces the same manufacturers to make inferior products that can be sold at retailer predetermined price points, limiting them to cheaper materials with design and manufacturing constraints.

Why pay more for mediocre?

We eliminated the retailer so we could bring you products with as few restraints as possible. Our products are designed with pro-standard quality and technology and we bring them directly to you, with no player sponsorship markup or retail markup. The result? Elite-level performance at incredible prices.

Stick cost comparison chart

Transparency for you

Our business model allows us to work with the best partners in the industry who are using the best products in the industry. We want you to trust your gear at every stage of the game. What kind of products are we using, you ask?

Toray Carbon Fiber


Based in Osaka, Japan, Toray is the most innovative technical fabric supplier in the world. They lead the industry with regular new advanced innovations that add more strength, performance, and durability to hockey stick manufacturing. It's no wonder almost all elite-level hockey sticks manufactured in the world today are made with Toray carbon fiber.

The result

Twig Hockey Company is able to create products with equal, if not better, performance than the best products you can buy at your local pro-shop at incredible value to you. After all, keeping the game growing and giving every access to the best performing products is our goal. We've been at it a few years now, but we're still just getting started.