I have coached my son for the last 5 years, since the start of his youth hockey endeavors from intro to mote to squirt and now almost to peewee. I've seen a lot of sticks come and go over the years, bauer, CCM, warrior and I can say with the utmost resolution I have never seen a stick like a Twig.

My son's wrist shot has always been weak. He has always had a difficult time hitting the top shelf and getting good power behind it. Like I've said we've tried many sticks and to be honest I've never really thought that the stick was overly critical at the younger ages. Well........ I might have been wrong, at least in my sons experience.

I have always followed these two rules - I wont spend more than $200 on a pair of kids skates, and no more than $100 on a stick.
I ordered my son the White Rogue A stick last week, it looks really sharp, and it seemed to have all of the features I was looking for and it weight is crazy low, and after showing my son what it looked like he has literally paced around the house waiting for it to arrive. Well it showed up this morning and since then it literally has not left his side. That's not an exaggeration. When I got home from work we went out to our rink and the first five shots he took he drilled them top shelf with more power, consistency and command than I have seen to date. He plays on an AA team and many of the kids use the Hyperlites or Slings, both of which or too pricey.

To make a long story short - thank you. My sons confidence and smiles are worth the cost of a $100 stick 100 times over and to that you deserve the credit.

Keep up the great work.