We compiled the most common questions that website visitors ask us. Hopefully they'll answer your question

The Top Questions You Ask Us

How are your sticks so light?

We only use the pro grade carbon fiber in our hockey sticks, no heavy fiberglass. Advances in carbon fiber manufacturing in the past decade or so have allowed for much flatter weave carbon fiber to be produced. Flatter weave carbon = less resin needed to bond layers together and thus, room for more layers to yield a lighter stick. You can read a lot more on it from our blog post here.

Are your sticks durable?

Our sticks are as durable, if not more, than any comparable product on the market. Elite and performance level sticks are built to provide the most performance available with a reasonable rate of durability. To be honest, if durability is your only concern, it’s probably better to go buy a sub $100 fiberglass or wood stick from your local multi-line sports retailer. They’ll last you a lot longer but will perform at a very low level relative to better grade sticks. We're not currently in the game of making cheap stuff just because it's cheaper.

How come your sticks are so much cheaper than large brand sticks in the pro shop?

We run our business different than most. If you haven’t about our business model yet, you really should. In short, we have much less operational overhead than the others, so can sell the same quality hockey sticks for less.

I’m <insert height> and <insert weight> What flex stick do you recommend?

Check out our fitting grid, as well as on all player stick pages, to determine what we’d recommend. The same logic applies to both kids and adults. Of course, it’s up to you to determine what’s best for you. This is just a recommendation based on the commonly used “Half of your body weight max” model.

Is the Dispatch A or Rogue A better?

Neither is better than the other. They are for two different types of players. If you play in tight and need the quickest response available, Dispatch A is probably the better choice. If you need a little more versatility and power because your game stretches out from the net more, Rogue A is probably a better choice. You can read more on how hockey stick kick points can work for you.

Is there a location near me that sells your sticks, so I can feel them?

We’re continually growing our pro shop presence, but if there isn’t, we have a great return policy to ensure you get sticks you want to play with. And before you ask, no, we don't allow visitors to our warehouse since it's not conducive to customer safety.

Are your sticks any good?

We wouldn’t have lasted over five years now if they weren’t. Just to give you some numbers, we are now in every state in the U.S. and province in Canada . . . . . yeah, everyone. And if warranty is a huge point for you, you can review ours here. Part of our business model is not charging you planned warranty costs in the retail price. That's why you'll see our warranty terms are slightly different than the standard market model.

Do you have pro shop pricing?

Yes. Please contact us if you have a pro shop and are interesting in carrying our products.

Do you ship to Canada?

Of course! What kind of neighbors would we be if we didn’t? Pricing and shipping choices should adjust automatically, but if not, be sure to switch your currency setting at the top of the page to CAD.

Is there any way to get a discount?

If you'll do something for us, we'll do something for you. Get your buddies using Twig Hockey Company products and we'll hook you up with a Refer & Earn discount for each order they make. Take a look at the program. It's solid!