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Intermediate size hockey sticks for players.

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  • Dispatch A Hockey Stick - Intermediate

    Fast & Quick Release The Dispatch A is designed for today's fast-paced game. It features a redesigned low-kick point shaft to increase load and release speed, along with an improved blade to maximize accuracy and durability while reducing overall weight to 367 grams. Six letters that best describe it: S-N-I-P-E-R Player tested and approved

  • Rogue A Hockey Stick - Intermediate

    Maximum power and versatility Rogue A is built to burn holes in the back of the net. It's soft mid-kick section allows smooth loading that, when paired with its stiff taper zone, maximizes power and stability. Features redesigned shaft and blade geometries to minimize weight while improving durability and shot accuracy. Player tested and approved

  • Rogue Hockey Stick - Intermediate

    Maximum loadability for more power How do you improve a great Twig? The Rogue is built with stronger grade carbon to improve power and durability while cutting unnecessary weight. Couple that with its enlarged mid-flex profile and you're equipped with more power to burn holes in the back of the net while maintaining that Twig feel you love. Player...

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  • Deux Hockey Stick - Intermediate

    It Was Time To Take Our Sticks To Another Level Part Deux is here. It's tougher, lighter, and has more pop than it's predecessor. Improved balance, grip, and an enlarged mid-kick zone are designed to help your shot reach the back of the net more. Of course, in true Twig stye, it's got wicked top-end performance at a price that makes you cringe less and...

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  • Composite Hockey Stick End Plug - Sr/Int

    A little taller player than your average Joe? Here is a full 18k composite 6 inch shaft extension that fits our senior and intermediate sticks, as well as most other brands. (But who would want those other guys' sticks anyhow?)