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Don't be the tape mooch in the locker room. Get some here while you're thinking about it.

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  • White Cloth Hockey Stick Tape

    Imagine playing every night, all week at your favorite rink and never having to re-tape. Boasting 68 strands per inch, our premium white cloth hockey stick tape has the absolute highest thread count to make it a reality. Add a generous helping of sticky adhesive and you have hockey tape that will defy wear and tear for days. It also resists snow and ice...

  • Black Cloth Hockey Stick Tape

    It’s exactly 37 minutes until puck drop, but who’s counting? You are, because you know how important it is to be taped-up and prepared. Made from tightly woven poly-cotton cloth and an aggressive natural rubber adhesive, your Howies tape job will hold up to the rigors of the game. Also, it's double dyed to make sure the tender can’t pick up the biscuit...

  • Gray Cloth Hockey Stick Tape

    You're ready to dangle the opposition with your new Twig, now don't be the tape mooch in the locker room when you show up with the new stick and no tape to wrap it. This tape is dyed twice to guarantee spot-on color. It's thick consistent adhesive added to the high-thread count grey cloth will have you ready to snipe top cheese. 1" x 25 yards

  • Clear Shin Pad Hockey Tape

    Some hold 'em down with a pair of laces, some electrical tape, and others even strap up with duct tape. You use Howies clear shin pad tape because it performs the best. It's tough enough to keep your shinnys in place and stretchy enough to expand and contract with your muscles. Built using high grade polyethylene, it conforms to the contours of your shin...