Rogue B Hockey Stick Senior Expand

Rogue B Hockey Stick Senior

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Smooth Loading. Elite Shot Speed & Response.

Loaded with pro level technology, B is our lightest and most versatile Rogue yet. Next generation carbon layer engineering coupled with it's max power shaft design and optimized blade core ensure players get smooth loading and consistent response in every shot and pass.

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Made for the versatile playmaker, Rogue B features a pro-stock, mid kick point build that ranks among the best sticks available anywhere. Its lighter, better balanced, and packs more pop that it's predecessor. If you're the type of player that chalks up highlight reel plays from all over the ice, this stick will be your new best friend.



  • 65 Flex | 60" Shaft
  • 75 Flex | 60" Shaft
  • 85 Flex | 60" Shaft
  • 95 Flex | 60" Shaft

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Twig Senior Player Stick Length


O Curve


Curve: Mid-toe
Lie: 6
Face: Open
Toe: Round

Easton E3 (Hall)
Bauer P92 (Matthews/Ovechkin/Backstrom)
CCM/Reebok P29 (Crosby)
Warrior W03 (Backstrom/Henrique/Kopitar/Draper)
True TC2
Sher-Wood PP26 (Stanstny)

E Curve


Curve: Mid-toe
Lie: 5
Face: Open
Toe: Round

Easton E28
Bauer P28 (Eichel)
CCM/Reebok P28 (McDavid)
Warrior W28 (Gallagher/Yakupov)
True TC4
Sher-Wood P28

K Curve


Curve: Mid
Lie: 6
Face: Slightly Open
Toe: Round

Easton E36
Bauer P88 (Kane/Lindros)
CCM/Reebok P40 (MacKinnon)
Warrior W88 (Gaudreau/Zetterberg)
True MC
Sher-Wood PP88 (Ryan II)

M Curve


Curve: Mid-heel
Lie: 5
Face: Closed
Toe: Round

Easton E4 (Cammalleri/Zetterberg)
Bauer PM9 (Larkin/Stamkos/Malkin)
CCM/Reebok P14 (Duchene)
Warrior W01 (Scheifele/Lupul/Burrows)
True MC2
Sher-Wood PP96 (Bouchard)

L Curve


Curve: Heel
Lie: 7
Face: Open
Toe: Square

Easton E5 (Getzlaf/Lidstrom)
Bauer P02
Warrior W02 (Lidstrom)
True HCS
Sher-Wood PP05

Fit Guide

How to fit a player (It's really easy!)

  1. Move down the Max. Player Height column until you reach the first row with a height that is equal to or greater than the player's height in street shoes.

  2. If the player's weight is more that the listed maximum for the row where you stopped in step 1, move down the Max. Player Weight column until you reach the first row with a weight equal to or greater than the player's weight.


Twig Hockey Co Player Stick Fit Guide 22-23


Age Group Senior
Skill Level Elite
Composition Next Generation Carbon Weave One-piece Construction
Shaft Geometry Rounded Square with Concave Sidewalls
Shaft Finish Grip with Raised Spiral Corner Texture
Kick Point Mid
Blade Optimized Core with Carbon Bridge Technology and Textured Finish
Weight 374 grams +/- 10g (85 Flex)
Length 60 inch shaft

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Strongly recommend!

This is my 5th set of Rogue sticks, I prefer the mid-kick point over the low kick point found on the Dispatch. I usually re-up for a fresh set after a year or so, seldom due to the sticks breaking. I usually give them to the Replay Sports shop. A couple of my teammates have joined me recently one of which was stoked that Twig offers an extended length stick. My go to is the 85 flex and E curve. I was hopping to try the stiffer 97 flex but it was sold out. I was interested in something stiffer but not 100+ flex. If anyone can give me feedback on the 97 flex that would be great. The question would be whether you found it to be too stiff like swinging a 2x4 or if it has some good snap to it without giving as much as the 85?
Anyway, the grip on the sticks and the raised spiral corner texture gives the sticks incredible feel. I have used them with just tapping the butt end and there was not a feeling of loosing grip. The blades are very resilient, the toe especially does not crack and chip like some and the heel of the blade is strong as well.
It is so great to have a stick company that I can rely on year after year for an amazing stick that competes with the $300 sticks for half the price. Most sticks coming in around $150 weigh more than 410 grams and have poor balance, while the Twig is around 375 grams offers two kick points, common curves and backs it up with a warranty.

Verified purchase

So far so good

Just arrived loves feel of stick great kick point overall great stick

Verified purchase

Great alternative to the big names

This is a 400$ stick for 150$. Great look and feel and even better on ice. I’m a Rec player and will be coming back for another plus 2 for my kids.

Verified purchase


I just broke my Bauer sync and needed another stick but didn’t want to spend 360 on one. I received my rogue b very fast and it is awesome. The feel is great and the snap I get with my shot is better than the sync, I highly recommend TWIG sticks

Verified purchase

Get a Twig, you need one

I've purchased multiple twigs the past couple seasons and haven't been happier. Great stick at a great price. I only wish they had a stiffer flex. The max I've noticed is 95 now. I was using a 110 before but feel they stopped making them.