Dispatch B Hockey Stick Senior Expand

Dispatch B Hockey Stick Senior

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Wicked Fast Shot Release

Next generation carbon layer engineering and an improved carbon weave makes B our lightest, best balanced, and quickest Dispatch to date. Loaded with pro level technology, our max power shaft design, and optimized blade core, players get the ultra-fast release and hard shot they are seeking. Snipers, rejoice!

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Made for the sharpshooter, Dispatch B features a pro-stock, super fast low kick point build that's designed for the player that plays in tight to the net where time is of the essence. Its lighter, better balanced, and packs more pop that it's predecessor. Added bonus, we upgraded the shaft grip coating this year added a spiral raised texture to ensure it doesn't slip while you're driving the puck past the goalie.



  • 65 Flex | 60" Shaft
  • 75 Flex | 60" Shaft
  • 85 Flex | 60" Shaft

Twig player stick length senior


O Curve


Curve: Mid-toe
Lie: 6
Face: Open
Toe: Round

Easton E3 (Hall)
Bauer P92 (Matthews/Ovechkin/Backstrom)
CCM/Reebok P29 (Crosby)
Warrior W03 (Backstrom/Henrique/Kopitar/Draper)
True TC2
Sher-Wood PP26 (Stanstny)

E Curve


Curve: Mid-toe
Lie: 5
Face: Open
Toe: Round

Easton E28
Bauer P28 (Eichel)
CCM/Reebok P28 (McDavid)
Warrior W28 (Gallagher/Yakupov)
True TC4
Sher-Wood P28

K Curve


Curve: Mid
Lie: 6
Face: Slightly Open
Toe: Round

Easton E36
Bauer P88 (Kane/Lindros)
CCM/Reebok P40 (MacKinnon)
Warrior W88 (Gaudreau/Zetterberg)
True MC
Sher-Wood PP88 (Ryan II)

Fit Guide

How to fit a player (It's really easy!)

  1. Move down the Max. Player Height column until you reach the first row with a height that is equal to or greater than the player's height in street shoes.

  2. If the player's weight is more that the listed maximum for the row where you stopped in step 1, move down the Max. Player Weight column until you reach the first row with a weight equal to or greater than the player's weight.


Twig Hockey Co Player Stick Fit Guide 22-23


Age Group Senior
Skill Level Elite
Composition Next Generation Carbon Weave One-piece Construction
Shaft Geometry Rounded Square with Concave Sidewalls
Shaft Finish Grip with Raised Spiral Corner Texture
Kick Point Low
Blade Optimized Core with Carbon Bridge Technology and Textured Finish
Weight 374 grams +/- 10g (85 Flex)
Length 60 inch shaft

Reviews (26)

Rated 4.62 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 26 customer reviews
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77 flex p28 Twig

This Twig is solid from the quality to the puck feel!! Really nice with snap and wrist shots all day even slap shots 💯 passing a d receiving the puck feels great and not flimsy or soft. Definitely buying a couple more of these bad boyz 😎💯🏒

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Son's Dispatch B E 65 senior stick

This stick compares directly with the CCM ribcor trigger 7 pro. Our son had 2 trigger 6 sticks, 1 trigger 7 pro, & a jetspeed FT2 I think. Broke them all in 1 season. Switched to the dispatch. Such a great value for players that are hard on their sticks in the dirty areas & shots. Warranty has come in very handy on the 1st dispatch B. Son loves the feel, whip, & release of this stick. We've bought 4 of them so far. He also has a Rogue B. Likes that stick too but it's his back up to the Dispatch Bs.

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Great Stick

I thought I would order this stick for my son to try and for comparison to the 5 other sticks that he has like the Trigger Pro 7, FT 6 Pro, FT 5 Pro , Hyper Lite 2 , and the Bauer Agent. Totals = $ 2,175.00 Can. Now let’s start with the review of the TWIG for $207.00 Can. - first of all we had to put a 2 inch extension into the stick because the boy stands at 6’4” at 14. In regards to the stick itself from the first couple of shots he took with it during warm up in his AAA practice you can see it actually got more pop from either of his sticks listed above that cost double the price. After practice my son had said to me there will be no reason going forward to spend double the price for any of the sticks listed above because he liked the feel , weight, and the quick release from the new TWIG. I think it’s a win win situation here my son really likes the stick and dad gets to save some money. Great Job TWIG👍

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Great pop and feel!

Love these sticks. I have 3 Dispatch B’s. I loved the CCM Ribcor line of sticks. Unfortunately cost has gotten out of reach. I tried cheaper versions, as well as the Black Out stick. When I bought my first Dispatch B, I scored and had some great passing plays during my first pick up game, then a hat trick the second game, then again the next game. I am not a scorer, but this stick has great pop on release and great feel. I’ve had many games in the last month where I feel more confident making passes and shots with this stick. My friends have asked me what I have changed recently. I didn’t know what they meant. I asked and most said I look so much quicker and tenacious. I attribute it to the confidence I’ve gained using this stick. Don’t get me wrong there have been a few games where I haven’t scored a goal, but I’ve set up some really nice assist. I bought my second stick 2 days after my 3rd game with this stick. Just bought my 3rd last Thursday! Great pop in my shot and tremendous feel when I’m carrying the puck or making a pass!

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Senior Dispatch 2 stick review

Good stick. Feels solid. Not really a fair review
though because I just got it and am still getting use to it. So far so good.