Rogue A Hockey Stick - Senior Expand

Rogue A Hockey Stick - Senior

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Maximum power and versatility

Rogue A is built to burn holes in the back of the net. It's soft mid-kick section allows smooth loading that, when paired with its stiff taper zone, maximizes power and stability. Features redesigned shaft and blade geometries to minimize weight while improving durability & shot accuracy.

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If you're a player that thrives on putting fear in goalie's hearts with the power of your shot, Rogue A is built for you. The latest in advanced carbon layering technology allowed for a redesign of both the shaft and blade that now delivers increased force to the puck while improving overall shot accuracy and maintains it's lightweight 385g frame. The shaft now features a traditional square shape with concave sidewalls that is paired with our new corner tactile rib texture and is finished with our player-preferred matte-grip coating. The improved, stiff blade features a reinforced edge with dampening technology and a sandpaper finish to maximize durability and puck feel.


Sr. Flex 75 | 60" Shaft
Sr. Flex 85 | 60" Shaft
Sr. Flex 100 | 60" Shaft

Height and Weight Target Twig Flex Guide

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Blade Curve Chart

O Curve Blade Pattern

Pattern: O

Curve: Mid-toe

Lie: 5.5

Face: Open

Toe: Round

Similar Patterns:

Easton E3 (Hall)
Bauer P92 (Mathews/Ovechkin/Backstrom)
CCM/Reebok P29 (Crosby)
Warrior W03 (Backstrom/Henrique/Kopitar/Draper)

K Curve Blade Pattern

Pattern: K

Curve: Mid

Lie: 6

Face: Slightly Open

Toe: Round

Similar Patterns:

Easton E36
Bauer P88 (Kane/Lindros)
CCM/Reebok P40 (MacKinnon)
Warrior W88 (Zetterberg)

M Curve Blade Pattern

Pattern: M

Curve: Mid-heel

Lie: 5

Face: Closed

Toe: Round

Similar Patterns:

Easton E4 (Cammalleri/Zetterberg)
Bauer PM9 (Larkin/Stamkos/Malkin)
CCM/Reebok P45 (Tavares)
Warrior W01 (Lupul/Burrows/Savard)

E Curve Blade Pattern

Pattern: E

Curve: Mid-toe

Lie: 5

Face: Open

Toe: Round

Similar Patterns:

Easton E28
Bauer P28 (Eichel)
CCM/Reebok P28 (McDavid)
Warrior W28 (Gallagher/Yakupov)

L Curve Blade Pattern

Pattern: L

Curve: Heel

Lie: 6

Face: Open

Toe: Square

Similar Patterns:

Easton E5 (Getzlaf/Lidstrom)
Bauer P02
Warrior W02 (Lidstrom)
Round Toe Variants
Easton E6 (Parise/Drury)
Bauer P91A (Staahl)
CCM/Reebok P15 (Jones)
Warrior W05 (Granlund/Kovalev)

Skill Level Elite
Composition Advanced 18K Carbon Fiber One-piece Construction
Shaft Geometry Traditional Square with Slightly Concave Sidewalls
Kick Point Mid
Weight 385 grams +/- 10g (85 Flex)
Shaft Finish Matte Grip with Corner Tactile Rib
Length 60 Inch Shaft
Blade Stiff, Lightweight Core with Dampening Technology and 18K Sandpaper Finish
Size Senior

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Verified purchase

Great stick at a great price

This is my 1st adult stick from TWIG & I’m really enjoying it so far. Very light, great feel/response, and good pop. I was really disappointed w/ a major brand stick at the same price point, which is heavier & had terrible durability (complete delamination from the toe). You can’t beat the price/performance ratio from TWIG.

Verified purchase

Ribbed for our pleasure

Picked up the Rogue A it became my new fav of the lineup of Rogues that i have used over the last two years. The weight, the pop and feedback from this stick is incomparable to other sticks at this price point. I had been contemplating on cutting my stick down a bit and decided to try cutting my Rogue L that was a limited model (that i loved) that sadly got two hand tomahawked last night. Surprisingly I didn't realize the stick was cracked but I continued to play and was able to get a mid air tip to top corns before my stick was done. RIP. Here now picking up a second Rogue A for the backup stick! If I could change anything about the Rogue A, I wish we could pick our lie or at least one other option vs just getting what you get with your blade curve.

Verified purchase

Good twig, Twig!

I’ve only played with my Rogue for a few games, but I like what I feel from it so far. Good response, lightweight and rugged. You can’t beat that price.

Verified purchase

Love this stick!

Super light and awesome curve. Better priced than all black hockey sticks and look way better!

Verified purchase

385 grams of pure Lidstrom

That is more than enough said...
except, don't spend a penny for another brand
Twig is real and affordable...
Customer service second to none...