Rogue A Hockey Stick - Junior Expand

Rogue A Hockey Stick - Junior

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Better performing hockey sticks in 20, 30, 40, & 50 flex engineered for kids under 120 lbs.

Rogue A is built to burn holes in the back of the net. A pro, elite-level stick in age appropriate flex and length pairings makes it the best choice for young players, to learn how to load and shoot with confidence and accuracy.

WARNING: May prompt regular smiles from your child

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Hockey experts recommend using a stick with a flex less than half your body weight at all age & skill levels.

Did you know a stick's flex increases approximately 10 for every 2 inches cut off the shaft? Could you shoot with a stick that bends like a steel rod?

That is why we worked with top engineers to develop a hockey stick with better fitting flexes and lengths for young players under 120 pounds that promotes properly learning to flex, load, and shoot.


  • Wicked Light One-Piece Carbon Construction
  • Junior Size Shaft and Blade for Optimal Control and Response
  • Traditional Square Shaped Shaft with Concave Sidewalls Paired with our New Corner Tactile Rib Texture and Player-Preferred Matte-grip Coating
  • Improved Stiff, Lightweight Blade with Dampening Technology and a Sandpaper Finish to Maximize Durability and Puck Feel
  • O Curve Blade: One of the Best Patterns for Stick Handling and Shooting, both Forehand and Backhand


20 Flex | 47" Tall | 260g

30 Flex | 52" Tall | 270g

40 Flex | 56" Tall | 290g

50 Flex | 59" Tall | 335g

Height and Weight Target Twig Flex Guide

Twig hockey company stick fit hockey stick height fit

How to Fit Your Child (It's really easy!)

To best fit to your child, there are two steps.

1. Start first with flex. Divide their weight by 2 and select the closest flex without going over.

Example: Target flex for a 54 pound player would be the closet to 27 without going over (The 20 Flex.)

2. Ensure the stick height on the chosen flex stick is adequate. Without skates on, experts recommend a stick that touches underneath the nose but no lower than bottom of the chin when stood upright, shaft perpendicular to the ground. If it's too short, go to the next flex/length up. If too long, consider the next size down or cutting down the shaft (the latter will increase the flex though.)

Blade Curve Chart

O Curve Blade Pattern

Pattern: O

Curve: Mid-Toe

Face: Open

Toe: Round

Similar Patterns:

Bauer P92 (Backstrom/Ovechkin)
CCM P29 (Crosby)
Warrior W03 (Backstrom/Henrique/Kopitar)
True TC2.5
Sher-Wood PP26
Raven C19

Skill Level Elite
Composition Advanced 18K Carbon Fiber One-piece Construction
Shaft Geometry Traditional Square with Slightly Concave Sidewalls
Kick Point Mid
Weight 260g (20 Flex) | 270g (30 Flex) | 290g (40 Flex) | 335g (50 Flex)
Shaft Finish Matte Grip with Corner Tactile Rib
Blade Stiff, Lightweight Core with Dampening Technology and 18K Sandpaper Finish
Build Size Junior

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Verified purchase

My son loves this stick

Recently purchased the youth Rogue black and the white stick and my son loves them both. Stick handling is
easier and shooting is faster & far more accurate than his prior sticks…….big fans, thank you!!!!

Verified purchase

Big improvement

My 9 year old D man skates very well his biggest weekness in his game is his shot power first time out with his twig he was hitting the top corners of the net from the point he loves his twig

Verified purchase


It’s a great all around stick
Great price great weight perfect for my 7 year old

Shaft Width Problematic

I bought a 50 flex, because I had recently had a Bauer 3.7x stick, which I had recently broke in practice. I found about about TWIG so I got a 50 flex, yet it came in a surprisingly MUCH more thin than I expected. I know it's just gonna take some getting used to, but I don't understand why TWIG makes their 50 flexes skinnier than name brands like Bauer and CCM.

Reply from Twig Hockey Company:
Thanks for the response. Our 50 flex is a junior size shaft and blade, as it outlines on our site. I'm guessing you are comparing it to an intermediate sized 50 flex stick, which would have larger shaft and blade as well as be a couple inches longer.
Verified purchase

Great Stick!

my son loves this stick