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Rogue B Hockey Stick Junior

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Smooth Loading. Elite Shot Speed & Response. Engineered for Kids Under 120 lbs.

Loaded with pro level tech, B is our lightest and most versatile Rogue yet. Next generation engineering, utilizing age appropriate flex and length pairings on a junior size shaft and blade platform, makes it the best choice for young skaters learning to maximize their ability.

WARNING: May prompt regular smiles

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Two important things to understand

  1. Hockey experts recommend using a stick with a flex less than half your body weight at all age & skill levels

  2. The force needed to flex a hockey stick increases by approximately 10 for every 2 inches cut off the shaft

That's why we continue advancing hockey sticks with better fitting flexes and lengths for young players under 120 pounds that promote properly learning to flex, load, and shoot.

Made for the versatile playmaker, Rogue B features a pro-stock, mid kick point build that ranks among the best sticks available anywhere. Its lighter, better balanced, and packs more pop that it's predecessor. If your player is looking to chalk up highlight reel plays from all over the ice, this stick will be their new best friend.


20 Flex | 47" Tall | 255g

30 Flex | 52" Tall | 265g

40 Flex | 56" Tall | 290g

50 Flex | 59" Tall | 325g


O Curve


Curve: Mid-toe
Lie: 6
Face: Open
Toe: Round

Easton E3 (Hall)
Bauer P92 (Matthews/Ovechkin/Backstrom)
CCM/Reebok P29 (Crosby)
Warrior W03 (Backstrom/Henrique/Kopitar/Draper)
True TC2
Sher-Wood PP26 (Stanstny)

E Curve


Curve: Mid-toe
Lie: 5
Face: Open
Toe: Round

Easton E28
Bauer P28 (Eichel)
CCM/Reebok P28 (McDavid)
Warrior W28 (Gallagher/Yakupov)
True TC4
Sher-Wood P28

Fit Guide

How to fit your player (It's really easy!)

  1. Move down the Max. Player Height column until you reach the first row with a height that is equal to or greater than the player's height in street shoes.

  2. If the player's weight is more that the listed maximum for the row where you stopped in step 1, move down the Max. Player Weight column until you reach the first row with a weight equal to or greater than the player's weight.


Age Group Junior
Skill Level Elite
Composition Next Generation Carbon Weave One-piece Construction
Shaft Geometry Rounded Square with Concave Sidewalls
Shaft Finish Grip with Raised Spiral Corner Texture
Kick Point Mid
Blade Optimized Core with Carbon Bridge Technology and Textured Finish
Weight 255g (20 Flex) | 265g (30 Flex) | 290g (40 Flex) | 325g (50 Flex)
Length 47" Tall (20 Flex) | 52" Tall (30 Flex) | 56" Tall (40 Flex) | 59" Tall (50 Flex)

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Verified purchase

Great stick!

My son plays 12u aa hockey, we have been through many sticks over the years high end and low end, over the last two years we have spent well over 1000 dollars on sticks averaging 2-3 per season due to breaks. This year during spring we tried the black out sticks that’s where much cheaper but where supposed to be the same quality, that was not true. His shots where dead and he could not feel the puck on his stick causing him to not keep his head up. He has had the Rogue b stick for 6 weeks now and loves it. There was an immediate improvement when he went from the blackout to the twig , and as a hockey dad I was happy to pay 120.00 instead of 250.00 + for a quality stick I am purchasing another one for his back up. Thank you Twig for your great product. I will recommend this stick

Reply from Twig Hockey Company:
Yeah, those Blackout sticks have a lower price tag for a reason. We've studied how they are built and what's used in them and have chosen not to offer an inferior product like that. You should check out one of our latest blog posts on the topic actually Thanks for the feedback.
Verified purchase

Great stick!

My 10 year old loves the stick. It is a great value!

Verified purchase

Lite and great flex

Today we received our son’s first Twig. He was excited to get out and give it a try. His first reaction was the stick felt great and the 50 flex was perfect. My son is a 12u travel player and is 104lbs at 5’3. After chatting with the staff we decided that the 50 would be the perfect flex and size. This stick is as lite the top end CCM’s and Bauer sticks at half the price. We will continue to purchase from Twig hockey company in the future.

Verified purchase

Great stick

Bought this for my eleven year old son. He was currently using a hyperlite that lost some pop and we heard good things about the twig sticks. After using it for a tournament he loves it and said it felt very similar in weight and pop as a new hyperlite.

Verified purchase

Shooters stick

Very light and powerful shooting stick. Easily on par with a top level warrior or CCM stick.
The adult sticks are also very light and have get flex for building a powerful shot.