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Deux Hockey Stick - Intermediate

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It Was Time To Take Our Sticks To Another Level

Part Deux is here. It's tougher, lighter, and has more pop than it's predecessor. Improved balance, grip, and an enlarged mid-kick zone are designed to help your shot reach the back of the net more. Of course, in true Twig stye, it's got wicked top-end performance at a price that makes you cringe less and dangle more.


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We continue to work toward making hockey more affordable

Our newest hockey stick, Deux, features the latest in state-of-the-art pro-level carbon fiber construction. This true one-piece design let us cut the weight down to 410 grams +/- 5g while improving performance and durability. At your request, we also improved the grip coating, adding just enough to the shaft for the grip lovers of the world. The dual bridge blade is engineered for quick puck release and features a slick 12K woven finish you're sure to love. We're confident you and your game will like the results of our work.


Int. Flex 65 | 61.5" Tall

Height and Weight Target Twig Flex Guide

Twig Flex Fit Guide

Blade Curve Chart

O Curve Blade Pattern

Pattern: O

Curve: Mid-Toe

Face: Open

Toe: Round

Similar Patterns:

Easton E3 (Hall)
Bauer P92 (Backstrom/Ovechkin)
CCM/Reebok P29 (Crosby
Warrior W03 (Henrique/Kopitar/Draper)

K Curve Blade Pattern

Pattern: K

Curve: Mid

Face: Slightly Open

Toe: Round

Similar Patterns:

Easton E36
Bauer P88 (Kane/Lindros)
CCM/Reebok P40 (MacKinnon)
Warrior W88 (Zetterberg)

Skill Level Elite
Composition 100% Carbon True One-piece Construction
Shaft Geometry Rounded Corner Shaft with Power Taper and Elliptical Profile
Kick Point Mid
Weight 410 grams +/- 5g
Shaft Finish Matte Grip
Length 61.5 inches | Toe to Top of Shaft
Blade Low Density Foam Core with Two-Bridge Technology
Size Intermediate

We want your product experience to be top-notch and for you to use our sticks for years to come. While we put every effort into minimizing defects, we realize that manufacturing errors can still happen and we want to take care of those.

Our stick warranty terms differ from the large retail brands on the market because we don't charge you up front for a certain percentage of planned breakage. The basic warranty terms are as follows:*

  • Within 10 days of delivery: your stick will be replaced at no charge
  • Within 30 days of delivery: Replacement at 40% off regular price
  • Within 60 days of delivery: Replacement at 20% off regular price
  • Within 90 days of delivery: Replacement at 10% off regular price

*Please see our warranty page for full details on stick and other product warranties.

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Verified purchase

First Use, Great Experience

I found my way to Twig because I was tired of picking up high end sticks on clearance with the length and hand I need and take whatever curve. I hate when a stick breaks then having to rotate in the backup while I look for a new one that is ok. I bought my first twig in the right hand 100 flex E pattern to match my Easton 850. I am happy to report that after my first use the stick performed amazingly. I netted two wristys and got off a clapper and a one-timer and they all felt great. Pass catch and send on forehand and backhand were smooth and responsive, great feel. I love this stick and only hope the longevity matches the performance, time will tell. In the mean time, this is my new go-to stick! Great build Twig, keep it up!

*Originally posted on Deux - Senior

Verified purchase

Just ordered my second one

I love these sticks, I ordered and have used one of these sticks for over a year playing 2 to 3 times a week and it's still going strong! The puck comes off my stick like a laser, I really don't believe that I'm getting better in my old age, I'm at the age of decline, but my shot is better than it ever has been. I just ordered a second stick, not because there's anything wrong with the first one, but I know at some point all sticks break, and i don't want to be without a twig.

*Originally posted on Deux - Senior

Verified purchase

Incredible stick

I ordered the O curve in 75 flex and the quality is amazing. The thing that stands out the most to me is the weight. My Twig is so light compared to other major brands that I have tried in this price range. The matte finish is great: grippy but not sticky. The only problem I had is the lack of packaging it was shipped in. It only came wrapped in plastic. However, I will definitely buy more in the future.

*Originally posted on Deux - Senior

Verified purchase

This stick is perfect

I grew up using first Easton then Bauer then warrior then back to Bauer. Now I'm using these Twig. As a player who has gone through countless sticks. These stick are perfect for my play style. Offer the same flex but less whip when it comes to shooting. I'm used to warrior and bauer rolling over the pucks alot as I shoot. It's much more responsive than other sticks I've used. It has the curve I grew up playing with so I was imidiatly comfortable with it. All in all I'd say I'll continue to buy this stick in the future and have already recommended it to multiple friends.

*Originally posted on Deux - Senior

Verified purchase

A hatty with my Twiggy!

Loving it!! Once again, awesome stick! Hooked on it!!

*Originally posted on Deux - Senior