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Ventilation, organization, transportation, and durability are the name of the game with The Legend goalie bag. It's feature-loaded, from the super-tough exterior in classic hockey style, on through to the high-viz reflective interior that will keep you organized for your daily rink trips, in any weather condition. Like it's name reads, The Legend symbolizes one of the best bags we've ever created.

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Lets face it, most goalie bags are just not well built and are only designed to be a big dark hole to throw all your nasty stuff together to hopefully find at some later time. They're usually too small, tear easily, zippers blow out, and they suck up water, forcing you to replace them way too often.

This season, there's no better goalie bag to have over your shoulder on the way to the rink than The Legend.


  • Super tough, water-resistant build thanks to a heavy duty polyvinyl tarpaulin lower and 1680D PU coated polyester fabric upper
  • Max-width U-shaped opening and a bright silver interior will brighten your life and make finding things on the bottom wicked easy
  • Fit it all inside (Tested to fit up to 34" + 1 leg pads plus all the rest of your gear . . . obviously not your sticks though)
  • Dry your gear faster with huge flow-through end panel vents
  • Divided dual-purpose skate/mask pocket storage keeps your valuable edges and paint job away from your other damaging gear
  • Double weight adjustable shoulder straps with heavy duty metal buckles to fit your carry style
  • Large exterior side panel pockets for your phone, wallet, tape, wax, and other accessories
  • Spacious zippered top exterior pocket to keep your clean stuff away from all that other not-so-clean stuff inside your bag
  • Keep your dirty base layers, jersey, and socks separate in the interior top flap pocket
  • Internal mesh pockets to hold your shower shoes, water bottle, uniform, and more
  • Oversize #10 zippers for increased durability with ring-shape corded pulls for easier access
  • Rigid piping keeps it upright for post-game loading
  • Heavy duty pull handles on each side for easy lifting
  • External player ID/koozie storage window
  • BONUS: There's enough space to throw in a case of your favorite beverages
  • Dimensions: 40" long x 22" wide x 20" tall (Best for adult size goalies. Younger goalies may better fit into our standard size player bag)

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Excellent Bag!

I love this bag! I can get all my Senior sized goalie equipment with 34+1 legs pads with ease! Zipper is strong and easy to use. Plenty of external pockets for my jerseys, towels and such. Would highly recommend to any goalie looking for a bag without breaking the bank!

Verified purchase

Best bag yet

I have used this bag for the last few weeks and I have to say, hands down, this is the best goalie bag I have had yet. I debated going back to a carry bag as I have had carry bags, wheeled bags and then the Grit Sumo Tower, and I am glad I did.

The bag is not clunky or extremely heavy (before loading) like many bags out there. The mesh vents on both ends are great (although I hang my stuff up after each skate) but does allow for a ton of ventilation. The materials all appear to be great quality and are holding up well.

Priority for me when looking for a bag was room for all my stuff and this bag has that in spades.

Basically, if you like to organize your bag and know where everything is, this is a great bag. If you want to toss it all in there, I would think you are crazy but you can do that too.

I recommend this bag to anyone goalie and have convinced a couple goalie buddies to make the switch.

Things I like!

- The two zipper pockets on the outside are amble for tape, scissors, wax, extra helmet snaps and miscellaneous stuff.

- The zippered pocket that doubles as the top also is massive. I cut out (easily almost as if it was designed for this) the thin divider panel so that I could have a pass through. Given it does get a bit bulky but I keep three jerseys, two sets of socks, all my dry cloths (top, bottom and socks) and a shower towel in there.

- The main compartment is also massive and I can easily fit all of my stuff in there (blocker, glove, helmet, L chesty, XL pants, jock, neck guard, oversized knee pads, etc). Haven’t fit my 35+2 pads in yet and closed it but I think I could.

- Excellent mesh storage pockets on the front face of the inside allows for more storage (I keep a roller ball and pad wax in one, shower stuff and sandles in the other two).

- Skate pockets are awesome. Super big. I ended up putting both skates in one and just folding the other closed.

Points to improve. Not that I have many complaints but I would recommend the following mods (hopefully by the manufacture or buy the user).

- Remove the liner in the top flap. Just make it a pass through.

- The strap closures on the skate pockets are way too long. Honestly just remove them because the pockets are big enough and your gear will keep stuff secure.

- Remove the water bottle holder. It gets in the way because it is floating on the end panel and not seated on the bottom of the bag.

- Skate pockets are massive, either scale them down or cut one out. Ideally they would be removable with snaps and could be an option to keep or remove.

- Carry straps are super long but there is no way to tie them or control them. I used tape. Also the padded strap add on is a nice cushion but falls off because you have to unsnap it completely each time you open the bag. If it could secure somehow to one strap would be ideal.