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Accomplice PR Goalie Stick - Senior

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Improvements in flat carbon-weave design allow Accomplice PR to bring you lighter and stronger elite level performance, along with the traditional feel you desire. Features the latest in state-of-the-art performance composite engineering for an optimal combination of balance, feel, durability, and control.


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Accomplice PR combines the latest state-of-the-art engineering with traditional feel to deliver one of the top goal sticks on the market. The paddle features a high-density foam core that is wrapped with alternating layers of pro-grade, flat-weave 18k carbon fiber that gives you an awesome dampening effect to better control your rebounds. The shaft and blade design give you the same level of performance that's demanded in top player sticks. Also features a snazzy monochromatic black and white color scheme with a bronze accent and matte finish that goes with just about any gear and is sure to leave your teammates and opposition chatting about it during post game rehydration.

Size: Senior 26"

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  • 18k Carbon Shaft: Lighter with Increased Durability
  • Double Concave Sidewalls for Best Feel

  • High Density Foam Core Reinforced with Flat-weave Graphite for Reduced Vibration, Durability, and Incredible Feel
  • Heavy Grip Control Zone for Superior Handling

  • Performance 18K Carbon Build for Optimal Feel and Balance
  • Optimized Stiffness for Better Deflection Control on Hard Shots
  • GP Curve


GP Curve Blade Pattern

Pattern: GP

Curve: Mid

Face: Open

Toe: Square

Similar Patterns:

Bauer P31
CCM (Crawford)
Warrior (Quick)
True TC
Sher-Wood PP30

Paddle Sizing

26" = 27.5" Real Measurement

Real Paddle Measurement Diagram

Skill Level Elite
Composition Advanced Flat-weave Composite Construction
Weight 660 grams +/- 15g
Build Size Senior
Paddle 26" (27.5" Real Measurement)

Reviews (8)

Rated 4.25 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 8 customer reviews
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Pleasantly surprised.

I’ve only used the stick once so far (Which is why it is 4 stars, not 5) but it competes with the big boys. The price point is amazing. This stick is light years improved from the first generation Twig, which is the last one that I tried. Being able to find a quality and affordable full right stick is amazing.

Verified purchase

I really like this stick

Had it for a couple months now and don't have anything bad to say about it... except that it can't stop all shots. ;-) Seriously though. Super light, strong, and I love it.

Verified purchase

Very nice paddle.

Great performance, stood up to some pretty good shots without issue. Extremely light and well balanced. This stick it self is a 5 star preformer. The only reason the review gets a 4 star is I prefer a twist curve and unfortunately that was not option.

Verified purchase

Needs work!

On the surface a great stick. Looks great, very light and well built, and great feel. That said after one game the grip is wearing off at an insane rate. To be blunt I had a slow night with only 15 shots so there should never be this type of wear on a grip. Conversely I have sticks with a full season of use and do not show this type of wear. If Twig can fix that issue I would make this my go to stick but after one game and seeing this type of wear issues I am not hopeful for long term use!

Sub Arctic Success

Have tried every brand goalie stick on the market am playing stick from SIMMONS out of Buffalo NY. The TWIG stick is so incredibly light and well made and at a realistic price point, I am amazed. I expect you will start seeing some orders for some sticks coming out of Yellowknife Northwest Territories Canada. The stick arrived up here in the same amount of time as it would take if I ordered a stick from a sports store in Alberta or BC.