Accomplice Goalie Stick - Senior Expand

Accomplice Goalie Stick - Senior

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With improved performance and durability, Accomplice brings you the elite-level performance and traditional feel you desire. Features a full graphite blade for optimal feel and control, a carbon and fiberglass reinforced foam core paddle that's lightweight and durable, all in a standard popular mid-curve design.

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The beauty Twig combines state-of-the-art engineering with traditional feel to deliver one of the top goal sticks on the market. The paddle features a high-density foam core that is wrapped with alternating layers of pro-grade carbon fiber along with reinforcing fiberglass that gives you an awesome dampening effect to better control your rebounds. The blade is a full carbon build to give you the same level of performance that's demanded in top player sticks. Also features a snazzy monochromatic black and white color scheme with an 18k blade and matte finish that goes with just about any gear and is sure to leave your teammates and opposition chatting about it during post game rehydration.

Size: Senior 26"
Curve: Regular-Left Hand (Stick used in right hand)

  • Graphite and Fiberglass Weave to Reduce Weight and Increase Durability and Control
  • Double Concave Sidewalls for Best Feel

  • High Density Foam Core Reinforced with Graphite and Fiberglass Weave for Reduced Vibration, Durability, and Incredible Feel

  • Full Graphite Build for Optimal Feel and Balance
  • Optimized Stiffness for Better Deflection Control
  • GP Curve

P Curve


Standard Lie for Optimal Stance Comfort
Allows Control and Quick Raising of Puck
Curve: Mid
Lie: 14
Face: Open
Toe: Round
Bauer P31
CCM (Bernier)
Warrior (Quick)
Sher-Wood PP30

Paddle Sizing

26" = 27.5" Real Measurement

Real Paddle Measurement Diagram

Skill Level Elite
Weight 765 grams +/- 15g
Shaft Finish Matte Grip
Paddle 26 inch

We want your product experience to be top-notch and for you to use our sticks for years to come. While we put every effort into minimizing defects, we realize that manufacturing errors can still happen and we want to take care of those.

Our stick warranty terms differ from the large retail brands on the market because we don't charge you up front for a certain percentage of planned breakage. The basic warranty terms are as follows:*

  • Within 10 days of delivery: your stick will be replaced at no charge
  • Within 30 days of delivery: Replacement at 40% off regular price
  • Within 60 days of delivery: Replacement at 20% off regular price
  • Within 90 days of delivery: Replacement at 10% off regular price

*Please see our warranty page for full details on stick and other product warranties.

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Amazing stick for a fraction of the price!

I've used a lot of goalie sticks in my time. Warrior, bauer, sherwood. I happened to come across a Twig Accomplice goalie stick at Pro Vision Hockey Academy. Picked it up and was amazed at how light it was. Picked up a bauer vapor goalie stick and there was no difference. Purchased it and been using it on the ice ever since. Durable, super-light, sturdy. Just ordered my second one. I will never use another goalie stick. Pick one up. You will not regret it.

Verified purchase

Amazing stick. Lightweight durable.

Picked this stick up at Provision Hockey while getting my goalie skates sharpened. Extremely lightweight, I figured I would give it a try. I will never go with another stick again. I love how this feels when taking shots off it. No vibration. Durable. Love my Twig.

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Pretty good stick, even better price

Used the stick for a bit now and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s pretty light, has a good curve to it, and looks pretty slick. The grip coating is a nice bonus. The thing that concerns me is I’ve had a few pucks hit the edges of the paddle and there’s some cracking/splitting. Hopefully it doesn’t affect the durability of the stick cause I feel like I haven’t used it enough yet to have any issues and I really like it

Verified purchase

Light and crisp!

My u12 is stoked to have this on the ice!

Verified purchase


So much lighter than my Bauer. Took couple shots off handle and not even a mark. Took a little while to get used to the light weight but loving it so far